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In 2015, Liv Foged founded Style-Fuel Fashion Agency, serving as a platform for premium and high-end brands throughout the UK and Ireland.

Presently, we proudly represent international brands to a network exceeding 300 retailers across the UK and Ireland.

Our agency specializes in providing sales representation and consultancy services, supporting brands as they penetrate the UK market or expand into the global arena.

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SS25 - 8th of July - 2nd of September

We are always selling Studio-Kin, and our beauty brands.

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An.Other fragrances from Miami, founded by Ariella Appelbaum. The concept is to focus on the product and ingredients rather than the marketing of the brand. Everything is free from parabens, phthalates, clues, toxins and other preservatives. 100% Vegan and cruelty free products.

The range is 6 fragrances, created by some of the world's best noses, who works for major brands, but for An.Other gets to play with a higher level of ingredients per scent created.


ANDESITES incredible denim brand from Spain. The brand will has joined us dor AW24, and we can not wait for you to experience what they have to offer.

High quality, beautiful designs, perfect fit. ANDESITES is created for people who want tot take on the world. To those individuals who are not afraid to stumble and get back up stronger. It’s for the people who want to feel free and live life to the fullest


Jackie Ashley started creating a beauty range from her garage, it was well received in independent boutiques across New Zealand, later her husband Ben, a graphic designer, started joining the business to focus on the packaging and product design. Today they offer over 50 different products across 5 scents ranges. Each range has a unique familiarity, exotic adventure and warmth about them.

Each product is carefully designed for longevity, with the option of refillers for purchasing. The glass of the candles and diffusers is designed in a unique recycled thin glass that's very resistant.


Bon Parfumeur epitomizes the essence of traditional French perfumery, meticulously crafted with exquisite ingredients.

A haven of creativity and spontaneity, it welcomes all to explore, blend, and curate their own scents.

Presently, Bon Parfumeur presents a collection of 31 Eau de perfumes, the brainchild of eleven gifted French perfumers, categorized into ten distinct olfactory profiles. Each fragrance, unisex in nature, stands alone yet invites playful combinations.

Established in 2016 by Ludovic Bonneton, Bon Parfumeur proudly boasts products entirely made in France, including vegan options.


Established by Luca Gorini in 1982, Crossley is an esteemed Italian knitwear label renowned for its dedication to crafting enduring pieces that seamlessly complement diverse lifestyles. Pioneering in the realm of knitwear and jerseys,

Crossley champions innovation while upholding the highest standards of quality. The outcome? A curated assortment distinguished by its utilization of premium natural fibers such as pure cotton and cashmere.

Crossley has mastered the art of reinventing cashmere, infusing it with unparalleled creativity. Leveraging years of expertise in handling this luxurious material, the brand reimagines its conventional application, introducing a playful and unexpected dimension to the fabric.


FIVE embodies the vision to curate collections brimming with joy and light-heartedness.

Rooted in French design and influenced by the laid-back allure of California living, FIVE celebrates denim as its cornerstone, with the iconic 5-pocket jean as its hallmark. It's a fusion of distinctive craftsmanship and a homespun aesthetic.

The essence of Five's styles is shaped by the collaborative spirit of its founders, Christian Filippini and Serge Ohana. Christian, a seasoned Fashion Agent overseeing multiple showrooms and brands, joins forces with Serge, a respected denim aficionado and consultant for numerous prominent French fashion labels.


Founded in 1981, HUMANOID is a heritage brand that has stayed true to its uncompromising and offbeat beginnings. Decades on, we remain true to our convictions; Independent and undistracted by passing hype. Maintaining our high standards through intuition and commitment, we delight in inspiring passion season after season.

Strong-willed and with a clear sense of itself, HUMANOID has forged its own path. Unapologetic in our existence both HUMANOID and its community is cherished by true individuals. Being a part of HUMANOID means effortlessly following your own path.



Established in 2012 by Sonia Hully, NAILBERRY originated as an upscale Nail Bar nestled in Chelsea, London. Its evolution into a line of multi-award-winning premium polishes was swift and remarkable.

Observing the persistent nail woes of her esteemed clientele, Sonia embarked on a journey to create a solution.

The outcome was the acclaimed L’Oxygéné range, designed to address dryness and damage. Employing cutting-edge patented technology, this range not only delivers vibrant color but also promotes healthier manicures.


Dutch brand founded in 1963. Oilily is unique for their mixing of colours, prints and checks. The universe they have created through generations is inspirational and timeless. Their items can wear for decades, and this be fashionable and stylish without getting dated.

It's another unique brand to my heart, since childhood I was dipped and rolled in Oilily. Even my childhood bedroom furnitures were tapestried with the catalogues of the universe of Oilily.

We will start showing SS25 collection in July and already in May start with the bag collection.


Studio-Kin, as a brand, champions women – authentic women leading genuine lives.

With a focus on crafting leather goods, Studio-Kin caters to the needs of real women navigating their dynamic lifestyles. These women seek dependable pieces that exude sharpness, professionalism, and empowerment in every circumstance.

At the heart of Studio-Kin lies a vibrant community of women: electric, bold, and unyielding, defying conformity at every turn.


Son Venïn is an Oslo-based perfume brand, founded by Dag Laska, who's background in identity design and passion for perfume and sensory experience led him on the journey of starting Son Venin.

The foundation of the brand is based on Scandinavian thinking and culture. Ranging from pure and simple to rich and complex, with fragrances reflecting back with a clean ethos evidenced in the perfume and brand. Yet, the inspiration comes from all over the world, based on memory, places, visual connotation reflecting back on the democratic and purified lifestyle of Scandinavia yet with the modern and contemporary approach of a global nomad.


UNTOLD, the alluring Spanish brand that whispers tales of elegance. Behold their collection of women's shirts, each woven from 100% premium Portuguese cotton, a testament to craftsmanship and authenticity.

Experience the allure of exclusivity and sincerity woven into every thread. UNTOLD celebrates uniqueness, embracing the beauty of mystery and translating it into iconic, almost collectible garments. It's more than fashion; it's a viewpoint, a celebration of life's enigmatic essence


"I love working with fashion, helping brands deliver their message, understand their market better, and figure out how brands can carve a market share and grow it".

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Founder and International Sales director at Style Fuel since 2015,

Liv has been instrumental in the brand's development. Since the inception of Style Fuel, Liv has also spearheaded the creation of Studio-Kin, demonstrating an extensive proficiency in brand growth strategies. Her expertise encompasses strategic planning, marketing, and brand establishment, serving as an incubator for emerging designers and brands entering the market.

Prior to her role at Style Fuel, Liv served as the International Senior Account Manager at Rainbow Wave. Her previous experience includes sales and operations positions at renowned fashion entities such as Diesel, Bestseller, Havainas, and Burberry.

Liv holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Business Administration and Service Management from Copenhagen Business School, complemented by a Bachelor of Arts in Fashion Business from the London College of Fashion, UAL. Additionally, she has obtained a Master of Business Administration specializing in Cultural Industries from Central Saint Martins.



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