La Cabane de Stella

Everyday I dream of the tropical life in a mix of old school French Riviera and dusty Marocain beach or pool side luxury to wrap myself in, to enjoy a coffee in the morning.. 
Now we've finally found the brand that sums up my dream.. 
La Cabane de Stella is a ready to wear range, in the most incredible printed patterns, only natural materials have been chosen, for example cotton voile and jute for carpets and baskets. The house cares about promoting craftsmanship, which demands expertise and patience, through its products in printing jute and its manually braided carpets. A joyful mess where the different collections evolve with the seasons and the desires of its founder and her vivid imagination: « It is not only a line of decoration. It tells a story of transmission, of emotion, of respect for crafwork, of meaningful encounters during my journeys that generated lovely projects ».