Mii Collection

MII is a high end accessories and clothing label: discover our fresh, energetic, modern and creative universe!
MII is an accessories and resort brand founded in 2012 by a French/ Indian designer couple Bapan Dutta and Lucie Bourreau.
Their brand is a clever and happy cocktail. In the shaker, they mix their cultures, their know how, the modernity and tradition, humour and poetry, colours, materials and prints, art and literature.
The result is fresh, energetic, modern and creative. We smile, we dream, we love, we play.
Mii stands for Made In India! We want to defend and promote these unique, ancestral and endangered skills.
Mii is not a show brand, Mii is the image of our life: It's a dressing room.          
Creative & traveller bubbling with ideas, joyful and optimistic, multicultural.                
A cloakroom that brings women, men and know-how to life.
Our project is creative, social, solidarity, heritage. It's Mii