Marise and Nikolaj Østergaard met by chance in what used to be Nikolaj’s cashmere store. They quickly found a common love and interest for quality, design and each other. The amazing cashmere brand Månestråle was established shortly after in 2001 with their own store and wholesale.
Cashmere is like a precious metal in the clothing industry. It has a pure value, which demands you to make your best effort. We don’t work with seasons, instead we are creating our styles as little families that compliments each other. This means, that a Månestråle knit is just as relevant now as in 5 years. When you are working with knitwear, it’s often the small things that makes the difference. We are putting a lot of attention into the details.
Månestråle (moonbeam) are rays of light from the moon that hits the surface of the ocean late in the evening. They are more mysterious than the rays from the sun, they have their own cycle that comes and goes and when you see a full moon in a clear night sky, it's pure magic.

Website: www.maanestraale.com