The Parisian rock'n'roll meets a minimalist Parisian romantic, and made a pit stop in the Antibes bohemian feeling - That's the best way to quickly describe the collection I personally count as one of my favourite brands. 
Swildens is a French labeled created in 2006, founded by Juliette Swildens. Who loves timeless clothes that display magnificent details. Swildens - evokes the innate sense of imagination and individuality that she has nurtured since childhood. Born to two designers, Juliette has always existed in a purely creative universe, and we see the fruit of her inspiration today.
Juliette nourishes her sense of fashion through a variety of influences from the 70's, the 80's and the 90's. Therefore, each collection is full of surprises, Juliette mixes the classical touches from male clothing with vintage looks- and a splash of gentle feminity. 
The collection in its entirety leads us to Swildens’s identity: Bohemian chic mixed with rock and classic, composed of natural materials, sophisticated colours and feminine cuts.
Website: www.swildens.fr